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Pros & Cons of Professionally Taping Your Roadshow

An Initial Public Offering or IPO is the process of selling new or existing securities to the public for the first time. The process of “going public” consists of many steps, culminating in the pricing and after-market stabilization by the underwriters. While every step in the process is imperative, the ability of management to “sell” [...]

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IR Communications for Private Companies

A critical element in the foundation of any company is a solid investor relations (IR) strategy. Essential to this strategy is a structure that effectively drives IR communications that build and sustain confidence and ensure continuous support. Often discussions about IR programs are centered around public companies, but a strong IR communications strategy can be [...]

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Follow-On Offerings

In previous blogs we have covered some of the basics of IPOs, the Importance of ATM Financing for Biotechs and Shelf Registrations. Today we look at a few basics of a marketed follow-on offering. Marketed Follow-On A marketed follow-on is a publicly announced offering that may include a short roadshow. Unlike an IPO roadshow which [...]

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Engaging Hedge Funds

Hedge funds represent a substantial pool of potential capital to biotech management teams, but engaging with them can offer many challenges due to their varying structures and motivations.   Understanding the drivers of the decisions within this class of investors should aid in increasing management teams' comfort level in dealing with them.  Two of the more [...]

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Internal Forecasts, Guidance and Consensus Considerations

At the start of each earnings cycle, one of the first places we look to begin preparations for quarterly reporting is the external consensus numbers (what Wall Street expectations are) and our client’s internal forecasts –for the current quarter, the upcoming quarter and the full year. Topline growth, gross margins, operating expenses, and net income [...]

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What is an ETF?

What Is An ETF? An ETF, or an exchange-traded fund, represents a portfolio of securities from traditional investments such as stocks or bonds to alternative assets like commodities or currencies, which aims to track the performance of a specific market index. An ETF is bought and sold on a stock exchange, and just like a [...]

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The Importance of ATM Financing for Biotechs

The story of a development-stage biotech company is one of almost continuous fund-raising. Why, you may ask? Well, in the absence of revenue, the expense of progressing a drug candidate through preclinical and then clinical studies falls squarely on a company’s shareholders and supporters. Once a biotech company is public however, the number of funding [...]

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What Is Reg FD and How Does it Impact Me?

Regulation Fair Disclosure, better known as Reg FD, is a regulation on corporate communication promulgated by the SEC.  The regulation limits public companies from disclosing material nonpublic information to select members of the investment community.  This type of information must be broadly disseminated through broad, non-exclusionary, public distribution.  The purpose of Reg FD is to [...]

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Quarterly Earnings – Do We Really Need to Read The Script?

As we think about best practices for earnings and quarterly reporting, we focus on the message in its totality and how to best prepare. This means the press release, scripted remarks, Q&A preparation, analyst after-call preparation, and slides (if relevant). We spend time reviewing perception, consensus expectations, specific analyst areas of focus, and competitive commentary [...]

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