Greg Doyle

Vice President, Business Strategy

Greg joins Gilmartin with over nine years of experience working on the buy side. Prior to joining the Gilmartin Group, he worked in Corporate Access at Point72, helping manage the relationships between the investment teams and the public companies that they cover. Previously, he worked as a Compliance Officer at Point72.

Greg received a B.A. in Political Science from Villanova University.

Interesting Facts About Greg
  • Likes to cook, hates to bake
  • Has a mini bernedoodle named Arthur
  • Avid Villanova basketball fan and saw the 2016 buzzer-beater championship game in person
  • Lived above a live-music bar for two years and watched from his fire escape as Lady Gaga performed atop the bar’s balcony two flights below (you can kind of see him in her documentary)

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