We offer a comprehensive suite of advisory and support services to our clients with the ultimate goal of helping to create durable value. We leverage our deep cross-disciplined experience and team approach to deliver results with the belief that every company is unique, and so are the relationships that we build with our clients. We build customized investor relations programs for both public and private entities; we partner with private companies to navigate Wall Street or create communications strategies; and we act as an outside strategic consultant.

Gilmartin Group Differentiator: Most people consider themselves approachable, but in reality, managers often don’t hear valuable feedback until it’s too late. At Gilmartin, we have the experience and insight to evaluate corporate positioning and messaging and offer constructive suggestions. We also have the relationships to intervene with investors and collect feedback before it impacts shareholder value. This is underscored by a solid infrastructure and confidence that we can successfully navigate difficult situations as they arise because we have – many times before.

We start each engagement by listening. We consider near term plans, available resources and long-term goals to collaboratively create a work-scope with tangible deliverables. We are committed to delivering outstanding service and meaningful advice to build trusted, long term partnerships which drive success. We believe our track record and relationships speak volumes.


Public Company Investor Relations

Our clients are leaders and innovators in their fields. Our mission is to enable them to convey their story and opportunity in a transparent, credible, and consistent way to the investment community and potential business partners.

Our investor relations programs are highly customized and designed for consistent, pro-active outreach to the financial community with a strategy in place at the outset. We strive to efficiently utilize management’s time and resources to maximize interactions with the investment community, while remaining accessible and compliant with all Reg FD requirements.

Regardless of a company’s unique goals and situation, there are three key tenets that we believe should underscore investor relations programs.

Three Key IR Tenets – How We Help
Objective How We Help
  1. Develop Strong Positioning & Message
Telling the story matters as do first impressions. We take the time to help develop and simplify your message. From there, we will help create an investor deck and IR materials that will evolve in parallel with the business.
  1. Build Credibility
Investors are more patient than you might think. We can help you to set and communicate expectations realistically so you can achieve them and most importantly, build credibility over time.
  1. Maintain Credibility
Set achievable guidance, but realize that shortfalls will happen. Make one mistake, not two or three. We act as a sounding board and offer key feedback and suggestions in the face of difficult situations.

We act as an extension of our clients’ internal team to offer strategic advice while delivering day-to-day activities required of a publicly traded company.

Our Investor Relations services include:

We work collaboratively to position our clients’ story to reflect corporate accomplishments while highlighting the broad opportunity and upside potential in a concise and understandable way. We subtly attack misperceptions that are standing in the way of value creation. We create durable investor presentations with crisp graphics.

We create an annual calendar of investor relations events – considering targeted and proposed Wall Street conferences, industry tradeshows, bus tours and non-deal roadshows (NDRS), other corporate activities as well as goals and targets.

We consistently gauge investor feedback, perception and potential hurdles which may need to be overcome for an investment. Similarly, we routinely solicit analyst opinions on strategy, outlook and investor communications.

We identify additional potential shareholders and conduct regular outreach; review quarterly shareholder trading activity and holders (13-F); create quarterly report and analysis; and maintain meeting history, ensuring top holders have consistent interaction.

We develop analyst targets to build and strengthen relationships to facilitate research coverage. For existing analysts, we coordinate bank-sponsored investor events; follow up after earnings reports and newsflow; and ensure active engagement.

We drive logistics and materials creation and preparation for press release, script and Q&A; track competitive earnings reports, analyst reaction and overall sentiment; and provide a day-after recap to capture changes in opinion, estimates and consensus.

We draft and issue press releases; maintain and update distribution list for press release dissemination.

We create and maintain a detailed consensus model with full P&L estimates.

We assist in obtaining invitations to present at Wall Street conferences; handle logistics; refine (enhance) 1×1 meeting schedules to ensure productive schedules; create investor profiles with fund information, selected holdings, and recent interaction; and attend selected conferences to gauge areas of communication improvement.

We draft the annual shareholder letter and create customized board packages on Investor Relations and shareholder activity.

We track comparable company earnings results, analyst day information and newsflow or data release; provide recap.

We conduct comprehensive perception audits to gauge feedback on specific topics and issues; create formal report and presentation of results.

We organize, plan and help execute successful analyst meetings either on a standalone basis or in conjunction with industry events and tradeshows.

We host regular calls to review IR activities and goals; conduct quarterly review of IR website; review vendors; respond to investor inquiries; recommend changes to remain compliant with Reg FD and NIRI best practices; remain current on Nasdaq and NIRI standards and recommendations.

We help companies navigate issues as they arise – activist shareholders; M&A activity; disposition of assets; uplisting to a national exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ); reverse mergers; capital raise; product recalls; IP lawsuits; management team turnover; and a myriad of other topics.

Our team has significant experience analyzing investor and analyst behavior. We use this insight to assess the “best fit” investors for our clients. Through our extensive network of contacts, we help our clients create personal connections with and increase visibility among appropriate investors and sell side analysts. Our ultimate goal is to drive institutional interest among constituents who can understand our clients’ story with a goal of maintaining a stock price that reflects both intrinsic value and upside potential.

Private Company Investor Relations

We work with our clients to determine value proposition and position the company to reflect accomplishments while highlighting the broad opportunity and upside potential in a concise and understandable way. We subtly attack misperceptions that are standing in the way of value creation. We create durable investor decks with crisp graphics.

We create a communications strategy and roadmap to disseminate news strategically to maximize impact; identify key audiences; align communications with clinical and operational milestones.

We draft and issue press releases; maintain and update distribution list for press release dissemination; vendor management.

We track comparable company earnings results, analyst day information and newsflow or data release.

We introduce and facilitate meetings with investment bankers, analysts and key crossover investors; solicit and gauge feedback; create strategy for Wall Street visibility and outreach.

We assist in obtaining invitations to present at Wall Street conferences; handle logistics; create investor profiles with fund information, selected holdings.


Our team has decades of experience accessing the capital markets. This experience equips us with the network and knowledge to assess financial markets and the various available fundraising vehicles and to provide valuable recommendations. Whether public or private, profitable or development-stage, we provide counsel and develop a strategy for our clients to effectively and efficiently reach their capital needs.

Our value in the IPO process starts with the ability to communicate with all constituencies: management, bankers, analysts, legal counsel, investors and vendors. Our sole focus is an optimal outcome for our clients. We look for every opportunity to maximize efficiencies by leveraging teams and available resources. We provide start to finish continuity, ensuring a smooth transition into a public entity.

Our support and advisory services throughout the IPO process include:

We identify key investment themes which will resonate with both generalist investors and healthcare specialists to create talking points; create a clearly defined corporate strategy, objectives and milestones.

We work collaboratively with Public Relations and Marketing teams to ensure a steady stream of newsflow with consistent and concise messaging.

We make introductions and facilitate meetings with institutional investors to begin relationship development; gauge feedback.

Introduce management teams to investment bankers and analysts; help define parameters for successful underwriting team.

Recommend conferences and create an annual IR Calendar; provide support for investor conferences and meetings.

S-1 review and support, Organizational meeting agenda, management preparation, slide creation; manage follow-up requests.

Preparation for the analyst day; diligence requests and materials.

Recommend metrics to provide while private, reported metrics for the company to use once public as well as establish guidance metrics and philosophy; provide comparable examples from several recent successful IPOs; create analyst consensus model once models are complete.

We work with our clients and their respective investment banking teams to create the roadshow deck; ensure all metrics are included in the S-1; conduct dry runs and Q&A preparation.

We will coordinate roadshow taping for the online presentation.

Public company policies and procedures; Reg FD slides and management training; employee meeting slides on disclosure policy, reverse stock split, employee stock option plans (ESOP) and insider trading.

IR website content; newswire vendors; distribution list, market listing advisory; IPO press release issuance.

Our collective backgrounds as analysts, bankers, and in-house executives enable us to deliver unparalleled resources for our clients. In addition, we have worked with many of the successful IPOs in the healthcare sector and have meaningful relevant experience in helping companies navigate the IPO process and develop long term relationships with their covering analyst teams.


Business Strategy and Support

Our team at Gilmartin Group has a truly differentiated set of experiences that provide our clients with a unique perspective. We have sat at both sides of the table – as corporate buyer as well as seller – in addition to having worked as advisor to both buyers and sellers. We understand first-hand what value creation truly looks like and what corporations seek in an attractive partner. With this experience, we are the ideal team to work with our clients to set the strategic direction of the organization.

We partner with our clients to evaluate and refine the key elements for a successful corporate strategy and to prioritize corporate resources in order to maximize value. We help our clients screen potential acquisitions or divestitures through deep diligence and comparable analysis.

Business strategy and support activities include:

  • Evaluating and focusing corporate strategy and goals

  • Ensuring that milestones can be met

  • Maximizing efficiencies – operational and financial

  • Evaluating strategic alternatives

  • Aligning corporate spending with value creation

  • Allocating corporate resources to projects with highest upside

  • Creating partnerships that are accretive to value

We have experience with all sizes and stages of company – both public and private, from development stage to ongoing concerns. We have seen many companies succeed – and fail – due to their strategic decisions and it is this unique set of experiences that make us the ideal partner to help set the strategy for our clients.

Business Development and Market Research

We partner with our clients as an extension of the internal business development team to provide counsel and advice when evaluating potential acquisitions or adjacent market entry. Our experience as Wall Street analysts, portfolio managers and investment bankers makes us ideal partners in helping to evaluate opportunities, conduct diligence and research market opportunities.

Strategic business development activities include:

  • Provide initial diligence questions for market assessment

  • Determine what drives behavior change for specific customer group

  • Assess potential synergies internally which can be leveraged

  • Conduct clinician calls to determine next level of diligence questions

  • Evaluate competitive offerings – both currently available and in development

  • Provide valuation framework for comparable public companies

  • Create revenue model – top down and bottoms up

  • Interview analysts to gauge sector sentiment


Professionals at Gilmartin Group have partnered with our clients through many events that are both evolutionary and transformational in nature. In addition, we have provided counsel through several positive events such as FDA approvals and product launches, but its through more challenging situations where we roll up our sleeves and earn our reputation as a valued partner.

Within the recent past, we have helped our clients with some of the following activities:

  • Uplist from OTC to NASDAQ

  • Capital raise and financings

    • Confidentially marketed offering
    • Public offering – institutional and retail offerings
    • At-The-Market vehicle
  • Management (CEO) transition and communication of new strategy

  • Analyst / Investor meeting

  • Spin-off from larger entity

  • Successful completion of initial public offering (IPO)

  • M&A

    • Large, transformational, acquisition and repositioning of company
    • Asset divestitures
    • Client acquisition from strategic partner
  • Earnings miss and guidance reset

  • FDA approvals and product launch

  • Activist shareholder involvement

  • Investor deck overhaul – new template, messaging and graphics

  • Change in underwriting team mid-IPO process

  • New corporate strategy and rebranding effort