Carrie Mendivil

Managing Director

Carrie Mendivil has spent several years developing and executing broad investor relations and communications programs in healthcare – both on the agency side and internally. At Gilmartin Group, she is actively involved with several clients offering strategic counsel and tactical support as an extension of their internal team. Carrie brings her in-house expertise to the forefront, enabling her clients to effectively communicate their corporate objectives and strategy while leveraging internal resources to create a cohesive message.

Prior to joining Gilmartin Group, Carrie was most recently at Westwicke Partners, a strategic investor relations firm, working with a number of clients in the medical technology and specialty pharmaceutical sectors. Previously, Carrie was at Hansen Medical (NASADQ; HNSN) in Marketing and Investor Relations. In addition to developing Hansen’s corporate communications strategy and messaging, Carrie developed and managed the social media strategy as well created product marketing materials. She has extensive experience developing messaging strategies and coordinating marketing and event logistics for several other entities.

Carrie received a BA in Economics and French from UCLA and has a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University.

Interesting Facts About Carrie
  • Had a scary run-in with a sloth of bears when her sister left trail mix outside of their tent while backpacking in Yosemite
  • Lived in the Amazon for a brief stint after college
  • Has seen every episode of Forensic Files

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