Samuel Harrison

IT Manager

Samuel grew up in the heart of Pennsylvania’s storied Williamsport, amidst the legacy of timber and the triumphs of the Little League World Series. Samuel’s journey broadened its roots at Syracuse University. Fueled by an unwavering passion for challenge and innovation, he forged a dynamic path through a rich tapestry of experiences.

From trailblazing innovative title operations in upstate New York, untangling the intricacies of deeds and conveyance, to San Francisco’s tech world, his mission has always been delivering fresh insights and bespoke solutions.

The magnetic pull of the California coast beckoned after traversing Martha’s Vineyard and Lake Tahoe. His tenure in asset-based lending sparked a fervor for early computers that eclipsed his financial pursuits, propelling me into the ever-evolving tech sphere.

Steering the helm at tech behemoths like Pacific Bell Mobile Services (PBMS), instrumental in shaping industry giants AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile, he honed his expertise across diverse sectors—crafting IT infrastructure at Chevron and spearheading IT management at Centex Homes and Bolt Threads.

His journey instilled crucial lessons—primarily, that IT should be a catalyst, empowering businesses to soar while strategically fostering a competitive edge.

Beyond the corporate arena, Samuel discreetly wielded his expertise, collaborating to dismantle a notorious hate group site, weathering the tumultuous waves of the dot-com bust and mortgage crisis. As an IT consultant and MSP leader, he thrived, driven by tying technology to business needs, but ultimately his ceaseless fascination for organizational intricacies drew him back to the corporate world.

Off-duty, his passions flourish in global exploration, culinary escapades, immersive film festivals, and advocating for non-profits. Samuel’s ace? Mastering the precision of email delivery optimization—ensuring messages strike precisely where they wield the most influence, the inbox, igniting commitments and propelling donations.

Interesting Facts About Samuel
  • Collaborated with law enforcement to dismantle an interstate fraud ring using meticulous and novel, for the time, credit report tracking
  • Walked around the top of the wall surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem, and waited in line, and got into Studio 54, but not on the same day

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