Head of Morale

Tucker brings 2 years of experience pretending he is a rug, sneaking a snooze on the couch and occasionally alerting people to package delivery, doorbell ringing or suspicious activity outside. As a non-financial contributor, he focuses on outdoor activities and optimizing sleep when things are slow. He is intelligent, well-read and handsome.

Tucker went to obedience school for 4 weeks and came back with no appreciable skills. He does not have an advanced degree. He is, after all, a dog.

Interesting Facts About Tucker
  • Is zero percent scary unless you are a sock, stuffed animal or sunglasses in which case he is fearsome
  • Favorite book is How to Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Has learned how to open the door to let himself out
  • Is the only retriever who neither retrieves nor swims

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